Fire Dance at the opening

We had the opening of "Soil" at The Substation tonight. As we had a lot of sponsorship support for our little gardening project, Chin Huat decided to do a Fire Dance to thank all our supporters. The fire also refers... Continue Reading →


The Banner of Soil is was up on 4 January 2017 (Tuesday). Sincerely thanks to Johnny Ng and his company Jing Feng Art for the generous sponsorship and helping us to hang it up. The guys got fantastic skill of... Continue Reading →

A New Journey of learning

"Soil" was a wonderful journey of learning. I think that the challenge of creating work in the box office and having a limited budget, pushed Chin Huat and I to play and just have fun. For example, there are several... Continue Reading →

“Soil” poster

Our poster designed by Chua Ai Hua, an old friend of us since 90s. She did most of the publicity design for Chin Huat's dance productions since then.

The gearing up of the collaborative installation of “Soil”

Been about full seven months of process since June 2016, finally I start to write and share with you guys some bits and pieces on our creative journey here... When Ngiap Heng approached me early this year to discuss about... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning

In January this year, I had no idea  that I would be having a solo exhibition, Anatomy of Performance, and a group show, A Slice in Time. I did not know that I would finally find the love of my... Continue Reading →


“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulder of giants.” - Issac Newton The story of Kua Fu Jiu Re, a Chinese myth, is an analogy for how The Substation has been the soil... Continue Reading →

A Chance to work together

I was always amazed by the Chin Huat's stagings for Ecnad. He has a wonderful flair for making ideas visible in fabric and staging. Recently I encountered Chin Huat working as the movement coach for the play Senang by Dramabox.... Continue Reading →

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